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Selected Invoice Printing
Many times we need to print random invoices, let say Invoice No 54, 87 & 103. In such situation we need to print required invoice one to one. No other option is there to print such random invoices together. Now, using this Add-on “Selected Invoice Printing” you can do that on your finger tips. You can select desire invoices as many as random you want and press one button , it will print all selected invoices in one go.
Print ISO Code
ISO Standard Organization needs to print there ISO code on their internal and external document. All documents have their unique ISO code. This Add-on will help you to mention user define ISO Code document wise. ISO Code will print in top left corner of all documents.
Envelope Printing
You can print the Envelopes from your Tally.ERP9. You can also configure the size of Envelope and the also user can set the place where the To and Address Details will print on Envelope. If you are using Multi Address facility of Tally.ERP9 then you can select the address where you need to send the envelope.
Auto Mail of Invoice
This Add-on will help you to mail Invoice to party as soon as invoice is getting generated. Without any extra effort your party get invoice on his mail. User can set in Auto Mailing Option in required Sales Voucher type.
Ready Invoices
Different Invoice Formats
Auto Jodi Item
Some Business do sales in Jodi i.e. One + One Item, means on purchase of one item one item is free. For this kind of business need this Add-On is very helpful. In this Add-On you just need to describe Jodi Item of an Item in Item Master and while selling it will automatically come.
Auto Batch Creation
Some Business is do sales and purchase in multiple Batch / Lot. In bulky batches transactions it is very difficult to select multiple batches one to one. For them this Add-on is boon, with help of this Add-on you just need to enter starting and Ending Nos for Purchase and it will create that much batches and in Sales you just need to select End no and it will pick up the Batches in Series till ending number.
Image in Masters
With help of this add-on you can attach Image in Ledger and Item Master
Document Attachment
With help of this add-on you can attach Purchase Order Soft copy in Purchase Order Voucher. You can attach any kind of document like product catalogue, PDF, Word, Excel etc. Also in future you can directly view that attachment from Tally.ERP9
Barcode Label Printing
By this feature you can generate barcode for an Item with number of copies entred by user & with all information like name, batch , MRP & Barcode.
Ledger Category & Cost Centre Control
With help of this add-on, you can specify Cost Category for particular ledger. You can also select cost centre of that category which will come in transaction. This way chance of error in cost centre selection by user is very less.
Negative Stock Control
This add-on will prevent user to sale when there is no stock. It won’t allow user to go ahead if the stock is not in hand.
Voucher Authorization
It will help you to restrict unauthorize transaction. When ever user makes entry it will not directly affect the books of accounts. It will first ask authorization from Authorized User, as soon as Authorize Level User authorize that voucher it will affect books of accounts. If use again made any changes to that particular voucher, again it will ask authorization.
Hide Rate & Amount in User Login
In an organization, it requires some time that in data entry level , we need not to show rate and amount of a voucher. With help of this Add-on you can hide rate and amount from screen and from printing of Delivery Challan and Sales in user login.
Multi Company Auto Ledger Creation
This Add-On will help you to Create Same Ledger in Multiple Companies on single Key Stroke. It will create ledger in all loaded companies with all details.
Broker Module
With help of this add-on you can select the Broker in Sales entry and get Brokerage Report for the same. Here you can give Per Qty Brokerage in Rupees, so in report According to Qty Commission will be automatically calculated.
Cost Centre wise Profit & Loss
If you are using Cost Centre for Branch Income and Expense then this report will help You to get Brach wise Profit or Loss. You can also have cost centre in Godown Transfer (Stock Journal) Entry so while transferring goods you can allocate that goods value to Particular branch’s goods valuation.
Exploded Balance and Profit & Loss
Default Tally Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss will come for Groups only. With this Report you Can Exploded to Group to sub group, Sub Group to ledger.
Auto Mailer of Birthdays and Anniversary
You can send wishes to your clients on their birthdays or anniversary. You can set wishes message for mail. This add-on will give you 2 separate reports of Birthday & Anniversary reminder & from that report you can send wishes mail to selected clients.
Stock Summary with UOM Breakup
In an organization we have items with Different Units of Measurement. In Default Stock Summary we can't get the total qty if different UOMs. With help of this Add-on you will get Unit of Measurement wise Total Qty.
Party wise Item Group Discount
It will allow you to set party wise Item Group discount. After setting discount , in transaction it will automatically pick up discount of an item. Either you can set common discount for all items for a party.
Party wise Item Category wise Discount
It will allow you to set party wise Item Category discount. After setting discount , in transaction it will automatically pick up discount of an item. Either you can set common discount for all items for a party.
Godown wise Batch Wise Reorder Level
This add-on facilitates user to define reorder level of stock items at every godown & Batch level. User can view the shortfall of inventory at any point of time and make correct decision.
Item wise Party Wise Sales
Some time we need to check our regular customers and regular products which are moving very fast. This report will give us idea of which customer consumes which product and how much.
CST Info Desk
This is Single Screen report, which will provide whole organizational activities like sales, purchase, order , cash flow, fund flow , top selling items , top selling customers all together with drill down facility.

Tally Integration

Master Import from Excel
Recreating masters already available in MS Excel is a time consuming job. With this add-on“Import Party/Item Masters from Excel”, users can import Party/Supplier masters as well as Item masters from Excel to Tally.ERP 9.
Multi Company Voucher Import from Excel
This Add-On will help you to Import Sales Voucher of Multi Company on single click from Excel.
Price Import from Excel
Price List Import add-on enables you to import the data from excel to tally. This limits the possibility of incorrect information being updated there by limiting potential Sales Billing issues.
Auto Conversion of Voucher (SO to PO)
Head Office and Branch Environment, where one raise Sales Order that same document is considered as Purchase Order with minor despatch detail changes. In this process in routine we need to do separate entry at both level Head office and Branch. With help of this Add-on , When Head office raise Sales Order , Similar entry of Purchase Order will be made in Branch. Approval of that Entry at Branch is required.

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